Membership Options

How It works

TrackFastPass improves the racing experience by simplifying membership sign up and allowing the racers to personalize their individual track options.

TrackFastPass makes membership options a breeze with member pricing to fit any budget including a FREE option for those just starting out.

Completely mobile ready, the TrackFastPass online app not only allows you to manage your membership and options but also tracks your personal lap times and keeps you connected with the latest news, events, new RC product articles and discounts. No need to download just visit

Start enjoying the hobby today!

By simply registering allows you to visit participating tracks for FREE and become a “Participating Observer” where you can put your car on the track, practice and learn the ropes. Everyone is welcome and visit as many times as you wish.

Features for the serious racer.

When ready, you can become a full member at any level you choose and start start enjoying full member benefits. Optimize your race experience by getting the most out of your car including real-time-auto logging of your lap times on the track with practice results stored right on your member dashboard. Keep up to date with sanctioned race events, news, product announcements and discounts. All delivered right to your mobile phone so you never miss a thing. Rev your engines and register today.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you log in as a “Starter" subscriber, you will see a notice regarding your current package and instructions on how to upgrade.